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Kari has travelled throughout her life, and although the core of her work is inspired by

the dramatic Scottish landscape, she is also influenced by what she has seen growing up

in Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Switzerland and the USA. For her, there are parallels in each of

these typographies - the universals of rock, water and sky, and the vast stretches of time in

which they have existed.  


A desire to unpuzzle the intricacies of nature has led Kari to learn a variety of techniques.

Through the process of melting and coercing, forming, shaping and scraping the beeswax,

she imitates the transformations of the liquid rock, cooling and forming over aeons.

In this new body of work, molten beeswax and powdered pigments, gold leaf and

watercolour become a form of sympathetic magic that attempts to recreate the primal

geologies that have created the world.

Sizes of the works range from 3cm - 20cm. Please enquire for further details.

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