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What could be more fitting for a country that has more sheep than people than a group exhibition centred around wool? Curated by Japanese contemporary visual artist, Miki Watanabe, Touch is a continuation of their previous work which is heavily influenced by the environment. Six other local and international artists, covering fashion, photography, collage, sculpture and installation, are contributing to this eclectic exhibition.

Focusing on New Zealand's history, nature, culture, and wool, the exhibition showcases a dichotomy between how soft and feminine wool is perceived to be, with hard hitting and bold messages.

This free exhibition at the Potocki Paterson Gallery will feature a diverse group of artists and designers and their unique artistic styles and works.

Artists include: Miki Watanabe with Fina Weight, Sophie Klerk, Stephanie Cossens, and Kari de Koenigswarter.

- please click below to view the work -

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